Selena med i Tingelign skiva!

Selena är med och sjunger en låt på nya Tingeling skivan och filmen :)

Alfredo Flores och Selena!


Selena i Beverly Hills!

Glöm inte att kolla på!

På kan du kolla på Selenas kläder från Dream out loud, glöm inte det! Klicka HÄÄÄÄR för att komma till sidan :)

Rolig video när Zac Efron och Taylor Swift dansar!

Nat Wolff pratar om hur det var att kyssa Selena i Parent Guidance Suggested!

Postcard on the run


Postcard on the Run, a service that turns mobile photos into physical postcards — often scratch-and-smell scented postcards — has hit up its investors for more money.
The company is perhaps best known for being the sole tech investment of Selena Gomez, who also serves as part-time creative advisor. The actress and singer participated in the round, along with Crosslink Capital, Crosscut Ventures, Siemer Ventures, Miramar Venture Partners and Double M Capital and other investors. The new $1.3 million round comes on top of $750,000 already raised.
“Selena is great because she helps us connect to a younger audience,” said Postcard on the Run CEO Josh Brooks, noting that the starlet visits the office every couple of months (and it’s always a photo op, as seen at right). As far as celebrity tech tie-ins go, this one actually makes some sense; Gomez tweets about the service pretty regularly, and sends out batches of personalized postcards to users.

In addition to its own app — which is on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia platforms, and has about 30,000 active monthly users — Postcard on the Run has about three dozen partnerships with venues and brands to include its photo-to-postcard functionality in their apps. They include Universal, Paramount, Lollapalooza and Starline Tours, and collectively add another “few million installations” of PotR technology, Brooks said. A few more stats: 24 percent of Postcard on the Run users pay 50 cents more to add smell to their postcards, and 20 percent of users send postcards outside the U.S. And 100 percent of them really want Selena to send them a postcard.

Ny Hotel Transylvania bild!


Ellen skrämmer Selena på Ellen show!

Clevertv pratar om Selenas tatuering!

Jelena på dejt!

Ny Spring Breakers bild!


Selena har gjort klart sin nagelkollektion!

Selena har äntligen gjort klart sin nagelkollektion med 14 olika nagellack! Man kommer kunna köpa dom i januari 2013 i USA för 7,99 dollar. Vet inte om dom kommer komma till Sverige.

Alla nagellack heter: Stars At Night, Mi Fantasia, Kissed at Midnight, Confetti Fun, Heavenly Angel, Sweet Dreams, Inner Sparkle, Selena, Hit The Lights, Love Song, Naturally, Spring Break, Pretty in Plum och Scarlett.
Gud vad roligt, skulle så gärna vilja ha dom!!

Med vänner på en Jason Mraz konsert!

Selena pratar om Taylor Swift!

Selena Gomez recalls going out to dinner with Swift when she noticed another patron eavesdropping. "She got startled that they were listening" Gomez says, "and she got nervous and then the person left and she felt awful. She was like, 'I hope he didn't leave because of me. I hope he doesn't think I'm mean. Do you think he's going to tell everyone I'm mean?' She cares so much."

On love:: "She's so tough," says Gomez. "Sometimes she'll tell me, like, 'You should be a little mean sometimes.'

Selena lämnar Sushi Dan!




Taylor Swift pratar om Selena!

Glamour: I know you have many close girlfriends. Are they helpful in keeping your worries in check?

Taylor Swift: They are so important in my life right now. I'm the kind of girl who needs to tell her friends everything. I've developed this really close-knit group of girls. Two of my close friends are bandmates. My other close friends are Ashley, Claire, Diana, Emma, and Selena.

Glamour: Emma is Emma Stone, and Selena is Selena Gomez. Is it nice to have friends who are also famous?
Taylor Swift: I met Emma when I was 17, and I met Selena when I was 18. So they've experienced all of this with me, and they've also experienced their own amazing success, and somehow through all of it, we've stayed close.

Hotel Transylvania

In a sizeable victory for Sony, 3D toon Hotel Transylvania debuted to $43 million -- the biggest opening since The Dark Knight Rises and the top September bow ever. It's also the best performance to date for the studio's animation unit.
The good news didn't end there. Looper, released by Sony's TriStar label in tandem with FilmDistrict and Endgame Entertainment, took the No. 2 spot with a $21.2 million opening. The performance of the two films propelled Sony to No. 1 in domestic market share with $1.285 billion, edging out Warner Bros., according to Sony.
Directed by Genndy Tartakovsky, Hotel Transylvania was fueled by good word of mouth (the film received an A- CinemaScore) and a pent-up demand for family product. The pic's voice cast is led by Adam Sandler, Kevin James and Selena Gomez.
Sony Animation's previous top debut was The Smurfs, which opened to $35.6 million in summer 2011. The previous best September bow was Sweet Home Alabama ($35.6 million).
Hotel Transylvania also scored the biggest September single day in history with $19 million, beating Sweet Home Alabama ($14.7 million). Looper, directed by Rian Johnson and receiving stellar reviews, stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis. Thanks to Hotel Transylvania and Looper, which received a  B+ CinemaScore, weekend revenues should be bup 24 percent over last year, ending a post-summer losing streak.



Teenlink: What is the biggest lesson that you think teens can take from Hotel Transylvania?

Selena: "Honestly, it could be the independence part, growing up and kind of wanting your own time to be yourself. That's hard at first. You spend all this time with your parents, they've raised you, and then you're just kind of like "Alright, peace, I'm going out." And they're just like, "Wait, what's going on?" And I think that's something that every kid kind of goes through."

What type of role model do you aspire to be for teens?

"I mean, I honestly just want to be the best I can be, but at the same time, I'm still growing up. I'm still figuring out what I want to do and what's going on in my life. So I think there's going to be lots of room for mistakes and for me just to kind of try to figure out who I am. So I try to be the best I can be."

What was it about this film that interested you to become a part of it?

"Well, Adam [Sandler] had mentioned my name, so I mean, you don't say no to Adam Sandler. But the movie was amazing. I loved the script. I thought it was really cute, and it was such a great cast, so it was kind of a no-brainer."

What do you like about working on animated films?

"It's easy. It's hard at first getting used to it, but it was probably four or five days of work."

How has social media influenced you and your career?

"It's been really amazing. It's a good and bad thing, though, because I love being able to update my fans and send them pictures, and anything that I'm doing I can quickly tell them, which is really nice to have that instant connection. But I also get worried for my fans because it's just such an easy access to people's lives. With the pressure of cyber bullying and stuff, I think it's very unfit to a way bigger degree, and I just get really nervous for my fans that have to go through that. I just try to make sure to tell them to be careful with it just because it's a little tricky. But if you use it for the right reasons, it's really great."

Selena på Radio Disney!

Selenas nya tatuering!

Det står 76 i romerska siffror!

Selena med i reklam för "Vote 4 stuff"!

Nya fanbilder!

Ny bild!

Ny photoshoot!

Förlåt för att jag inte har bloggat på jättelänge men vi har så himla mycket läxor just nu!