På Tiff press konferans!

Selena Gomez, on challenges of just doing voice (15:00): "Ive done a little animaton but it's just a couple of lines. This is the first time that I actually did something that was a big part. And it was hard at times because its hard to act with your voice and it is unusual for me but I had a lot of fun and Adam was there almost all recordings I did so it was nice to have his support." Adam: "You're my Mavi-wavi, of course."
Adam Sandler, on the star power of Selena Gomez (35:05): ”My kids love Selena’s show, we watched it all the time. It’s a big deal that Selena is in the movie—we get to tell our kids we know her, and it made my family tighter, believe me. It was amazingly exciting to be in the car with my kids and say Selena is playing Mavis in the movie. They were like, ‘No way, do we get to meet her?’ They didn’t meet her, but maybe they will. There’s not gonna be a big premiere in L.A., but we’ll just go to Selena’s house, and meet her parents, too. She’s an icon to the children, and to many others as well.” 

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